My experience with Data Science Nigeria

by Oluwadara Adepoju

I came across Data Science Nigeria in February 2020. Data Science Nigeria was organizing a program called ‘Data Science Nigeria AI+ in Cities’. This was a 6-Weeks Beginners’ Artificial Intelligence and Python Programming class. I had no background knowledge in anything that had to do with coding, talk less of machine learning. Little did I know that this was going to change my view about everything, and the only requirement was owning a laptop.

As the weeks progressed, I began to have more understanding of python and machine learning and how it could be used to solve real world problems. It ignited a passion in me about making a difference in the field which I am currently in(my domain knowledge is in Microbiology). I could combine both and actually come up with feasible solutions in the Health sector.

During the 6 weeks class, we (other participants and I) were told about the yearly AI Bootcamp organized by Data Science Nigeria. We were motivated to challenge ourselves and do our possible best to qualify for the bootcamp. We were also given access to AI Knowledge Box. which contained a lot of videos from beginners to advanced levels Data Science Nigeria Also

Data Science Nigeria also organized a 75 days machine learning challenge (this was a prequalification online training exercise) in anticipation for the AI Bootcamp qualification hackathon. I would also like to appreciate DSNAI+ Abeokuta and DSN FUNAAB community, for their relentless effort in organizing classes in preparation for the bootcamp.

I anticipated for the 2020 Data Science Nigeria AI Bootcamp, and did my best in the AI Bootcamp qualification hackathon to qualify for the bootcamp. Due to the pandemic, the boot camp had to be held online. The virtual bootcamp. was a great experience. From the Opening address by Dr. Bayo Adekanmbi, to the Award/Closing ceremony. In no particular order, here are some honorable mentions from my experience at the bootcamp:
1. Deep Learning session by Dr Stephen Odaibo.
2. BigML end to end for industry users by Prof Tom Diettrich and Guillem Vidal.
3. Career Development Discussion Ladies In AI One-On-One Session by Mrs. Uzo Mkparu.
4. Anomaly Detection by Prof Thomas Dietterich.
5. Geospatial Analysis by GRID3 Team.
6. Introduction to Power BI.
7. Poster session.

After the bootcamp, the top 100 qualified bootcamp participants were given a free 6 months Datacamp Subscription, to aid in the continuation of learning of the participants. Data Science Nigeria is just amazing!

I congratulate Data Science Nigeria on their fourth-year anniversary. The passion to raise a million data scientists in 10 years is a selfless and great vision and has initiated my journey into the world of Data Science. I would also like to thank, appreciate, and congratulate Dr Bayo Adekanmbi, and all the members of Data Science Nigeria.