My DSN Impact Story

How I started my Data Science Journey by Favour James

Hurray! Data Science Nigeria is 4. As we celebrate this year, I would like to share how DSN helped me in starting a career in data science and how they influenced my growth.

I got introduced and interested in data science for the first time in the second semester of my first year in the university but I did not do anything till my second year. It was easy for me to start because of the campus community in my school: AI+ OAU. I was able to attend Bootcamps for beginners and through this, I got the necessary materials needed for me to start off on the right foot. I also got the guidance I needed to continue to grow and also, thanks to our wonderful community leaders and members, I got the motivation needed to learn and practice more.

I decided that I wanted to be able to attend my first AI boot camp this year and DSN made the steps easy for me. First, they conducted a 70days online class for Machine learning which taught me the basics of Machine learning algorithms, how to write my own algorithms from scratch using python which made machine learning more interesting and we were also introduced to the basis of deep learning.
I was also able to participate in the pre-Bootcamp challenges in preparation for the qualification challenge and thanks to my campus community especially our team lead, I got the guidance needed and finally, the main qualification challenge, it was a wonderful experience. I got qualified and was among the first 250 participants. When I found out that it was going to be virtual, I was discouraged because I thought I won’t be able to enjoy the experience well but it turned out to be a different story. My mind was blown away, as it was very interesting and educational, like there was no dull moment.
From the very first event, the welcome speech to the last event, the award ceremony, I gained something in all the sessions. I even wished they could do it for more than 5 days. I saw how machine learning and artificial intelligence could be applied in different sectors even sectors I didn’t know about. I saw different projects in the poster session that were just amazing. It increased my interest in artificial intelligence and most importantly, I learned a whole lot from the speakers. In fact, I had to switch between sessions many times because I could not even decide which session I liked most because all the sessions were very educative and interesting. In general, it was a great experience and it turned out to be the best virtual program I have ever attended.
Also my campus community literally won all the prizes, from best poster award “PLANTNOSIS” to Mr Algorithm which was won by our campus lead and Miss Algorithm and finally, school of the year award, I was so happy. In the end, I got my certificate of participation for the AI2020 Bootcamp.

Thank you DSN for such a wonderful journey and for making this year very educational for me. I look forward to learning more and practicing all that I have been taught and also participating in more programs. DSN is the community for anyone who wants to have a great career in data science and Machine learning as a whole. Kudos to our convener, our coordinators, our speakers during the Bootcamp and my community AI+ OAU, you are the simply the best.

Happy 4th Anniversary to the best Data Science community!!!