My DSN Impact Story

by Kolawole Somade

My name is Kolawole David, a graduate of Bells University of Technology. I have been familiar with the term “Data Science ” since my 2nd year at the University as it has been a buzz word for a very long time now. Being a graduate of Mechanical Engineering, I had always dreamed and hoped of cultivating knowledge and experience in this field. I took some online courses to introduce me to the data science concept but I just wasn’t making any headway.

I came across Data Science Nigeria two years ago on social media. My first thought was that you had to pay to become a member which made me skeptical regarding joining the community. I reluctantly joined and I can proudly say that I didn’t regret that decision. I was taught by world-class practitioners at the basic level the true meaning of data science and its application. I remember the concept of CrossValidation and Back Propagation in Machine Learning. DSN broke it down to its fundamentals and I was able to grasp the mathematical concepts behind it. Before this time It all sounded like technical jargon to me. I was also able to ride on the introductory experience gotten at DSN to apply and participate in the prestigious African Industrial Internet Programme organized by ALU.

I have been involved in relevant projects and the development of practical skills in digital transformation to dramatically improve business productivity and make a significant bottom-line impact. The recently held virtual boot camp was a testament to the concept of continuous learning. My major take away was the knowledge and understanding needed in writing research articles and publications. The knowledge so far has proven golden as I am getting positive results based on suggestions offered in the boot camp.

I see myself as a business leader and change-maker who will challenge organizations to rethink traditional business models and unlock new business opportunities. Looking back two years ago. I am grateful for where I have gotten to as a data science practitioner. There is still a lot to learn but as that popular phrase goes


DSN has been a very big leap for me.