My DSN Impact Story

by Ajao Wasiu Bamidele

In 2018, I was on a google search for communities of Artificial Intelligence which organize conferences for AI enthusiasts like me and suddenly, I stumbled on Data Science Nigeria. At first, I did not envisage seeing any such organization in Nigeria because of my low horizon about the development of AI in Nigeria. The website looks eclectic at a mere glance and its contents are unimaginable. In Nigeria? I was flabbergasted!!

I joined Data Science Nigeria in 2019, an Identity number was assigned to me and they have been sending important information that remains pertinent to willing students of AI like me. DSN remains gender sensitive and the communities within the organization have been very hardworking organizing series of lectures and hackathons both in-person and online in their efforts at building millions of AI compliant engineers in Nigeria. I remain grateful for all I benefited from your tutelage.

I therefore congratulate Data Science of Nigeria under the able and dynamic leadership of Dr. Bayo Adekanmbi, staff and affectionate members on attaining a height that seems unattainable at just four years of its existence.