My DSN Impact Story

by Emmanuel Oluwaloni

Happy Anniversary Data Science Nigeria. I can’t tell you how much You have helped me in my Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning journey and I appreciate all the AI resources, Competitions, and Bootcamps.

During the COVID19 break I was able to work on a mini project, A Diabetes Diagnoser, it takes in some parameter like glucose level, insulin level, blood pressure, and diagnose if a patient has diabetes or not. After training I acquired an accuracy of 94% and a f1 score of about 90% the dataset was gotten from Kaggle. Link to the project on GitHub:
Backend Web
Android App

Thank You for the 2TB Hard Disk worth of AI Resources given to our community, AI Plus Federal University Oye Ekiti.
I could not have done this all by myself without your help.

Happy Anniversary DSN.

Photos from the Mini Project (Diabetes Diagnoser)