My Data Science/AI Journey

by Olawale Abiodun Ogundeji

Data Science Nigeria has been an integral part of my Data Science/Artificial Intelligence journey. My data science journey began about a year ago with a desire and a passion to get to this field after my interest and effort to learn web development was truncated. It developed so much that I decided to start learning in January this year.

Learning data science has been accompanied by an array of mixed feelings along the way. In the beginning, I was flummoxed that I did not know where to start and what to learn. I was not even familiar with what the field of Data Science entails. At some point, the ride was very smooth. Thanks to many resourceful sites, people that have kept my passion alive, and most especially DataScienceNig (DSN). While surfing the internet to gather useful information and probably a learning platform, I stumbled across DataScienceNig and I did not waste time to apply for AIPlus membership.

Shortly after my AI+ membership was confirmed, I was inundated with resourceful materials; videos and copies of soft materials and added to the DSN-AI+ Community Slack Channel. Thanks to Gbemileke Onilude at DataScienceNig for the help. I really appreciate you and everybody at DataScienceNig. Though steady, that was how the journey started. The COVID-19 pandemicimposed lockdown was consequently a blessing in disguise. No thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that caused a global lockdown.

Overall, the period of lockdown was a marvel to behold as I was opportune to attend all the virtual classes organised by Data Science Nigeria to help our learning and to fulfil the vision of raising one million AI talents in 10 years and thus make Nigeria as one of the top 10 AI talent/knowledge destinations in the world. The mission is on track and highly achievable. Also, I had a luxury of time to conveniently take some Data Science and Machine Learning foundation courses on Coursera, Udemy, Kaggle, DataCamp and so on. I have the opportunity to read several articles on Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This has helped me to continue learning in the field. Some of such good articles are by @towardsdatascience on Medium where they have made a note of very useful resources for an aspiring data scientist. They are extremely beneficial.

70- days Pre_Bootcamp Online Class with DSN and Zindi Hackathon were eyes opener. It exposed me to the nitty-gritty of data science and gave me the very first hands-on in Machine Learning techniques and algorithms. Though it was tasking being a practising Medical Doctor, it actually gave the hope and joy of wanting to become a Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer. The Pre-Bootcamp Qualification Zindi Hackathon was very rigorous and arduous, but worth the time and energy. It birthed my first Machine Learning Model. 2020 DSN/AI Bootcamp capped it all, It was a fire .

The all-expenses-paid Bootcamp was highly instructive, informative and scintillating as well. It afforded me a window of opportunity and help to meet up, interact, and network and learn from other peopSimle. ilarly, Dr Bayo’s closing remarks during the award ceremony was illuminating and heartening. I am motivated to continue to learn the art.

And as compensation for attending the Bootcamp, I was awarded a Certificate of Participation and DataCamp subscription to continue with learning. A big thank you to DataScienceNig Convener; Dr Bayo Adekanmbi, Mr Funminiy Oladapo and everybody who contributed to the success of the Bootcamp. Mr Funminiy Oladapo was highly visible and helpful pre- and pro- Bootcamp. May God reward you.

Reading through this article, you will agree with me that Data Science Nigeria is actually the journey of my Data Science/Artificial Intelligence experience. DataScienceNigeria celebrations of 4 years of existence were never a faux pas. The story so far indeed deserves the celebration.

Happy Birthday, DSN. I strongly believe DSN will continue to impact the lives of many Nigerians