I’m Wide Awake

THE FLAWLESS MOTIVATION (I am different now) by Mary Ehapa

My journey as a data scientist started late June where I had to watch videos online on how to take the right path on my journey to greatness. Learning on my own with no friend or community to interact with was a tough and rough journey.

Thereafter, a friend of mine who is a software developer sent a broadcast about the Data Science Nigeria Zindi competition early September. Seeing this makes me nervous and scared because of the word “competition”. On that same broadcast, I saw something that lit up my spirit

“everybody is a winner”

written as part of the broadcast message. This makes it seems, on the other way round, as an opportunity for me to interact with colleagues and make further research on my own.

(Caption from Dr. Olubayo Adekanmbi’s presentation)

Data Science Nigeria didn’t leave any stone unturned , after the registration , I got a mail to confirm my registration and the context of that mail consist of links to the videos of the previous bootcamp , I got to understand every intuition behind most of the machine learning algorithms at this point I started to feel the vibe and this got me an edge on “predicting for kowope Mart”

During the course of the bootcamp, I was exposed to different machine learning methods of ensembling, stacking and lots more. Funny enough, I forgot the beginner aspect of myself and felt the tension, urge and hunger to research on how to build the best model.

Fortunately for me, my effort was not in vain as I was among those selected to participate in the Data Science Nigeria bootcamp 2020. DSN did a great job during the course of the boot camp, as I was exposed to the beauty of AI, and lots more.

(Caption from Dr. Olubayo Adekanmbi’s presentation)

Due to my experience from the passed bootcamp, I dusted myself up, joined the AIPlus community in my school and also got my hands dirty with some data Science Projects. I cant compare myself from the time I started and now. I am different now, and yes quitting is never an option

Thank you Data Science Nigeria
Happy Anniversary!!!