Changing Gears

by Babajide Fagoroye

Taking the decision to change my career path last year was one of the toughest decisions I had to take in life as I barely know what Data Science entails. Having gone through a United Nations white paper which I saw in my mentor’s office who runs a Non-Governmental Organization in Lafia, Nasarawa state, Nigeria made me stick with my decision of venturing into the world of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

In the paper, there was an article on how machine learning was used to reduce mine waste and pollution in Australia.In the paper, there was an article on how machine learning was used to reduce mine waste and pollution in Australia.

Since I had just a little piece of information about this field, I started researching more about the field and was able to gather interesting insights concerning the field of Data Science which includes Neural Network which one of my university lecturers mentioned in one of his classes during my undergraduate days. I started seeking for ways to build this new found passion of mine which include learning how to code, downloading videos, seeking for mentors around my location who are into Data Science.

All these were helpful but not effective which made me relocate to Lagos early this year knowing I would have more options to learn anything on like when I was in Nasarawa State.

Coming to Lagos helped a lot as I came across Data Science Nigeria AI and Machine learning 4 Wednesday free training which have helped my learning, taking on projects and trying my hands on hacker tons many of which I come among the bottom placed of the challenges but as I continued in trying my hands on more projects and checking through other people’s codes, reading articles and watching more videos I became better.

Participating in the 70 days Machine learning virtual class hosted by DSN was of great help as I ensured I watched all the classes, practiced some of the codes used in the classes and also did the assignment given, I began to have a better understanding of machine learning.

Getting a mail from DSN of being selected among the 500 participants for the Bootcamp was a joyous moment for me as I least expected getting into the top 500, not to even talk of being a participant of the bootcamp. Achieving that feat has helped me to believe in myself, try my hands on more projects, of course fail in some, but never to give up on practicing.

The year 2020 has been a tremendous year for me, especially coming across the Data Science Nigeria community which has propelled me to a new level in my career.